One of the most meaningful, yet sobering, realizations I’ve had in my life was when I came to understand how much of what we fervently believe is a product of the time and place into which we are born. It took me thousands of hours of studying and debating history and numerous trips to other states and countries for that to really sink in.

The implications of this are more than a little disturbing. If we grow up in a place and time where women are limited to certain roles, that seems normal. If we grow up in a place…

The Recantation: A Former Die-Hard Conservative's Story of Why Texans Should Vote for Beto O'Rourke Tomorrow

While driving to college in Fort Worth one night about a decade ago, I saw a billboard advertising talk radio. It asked if I was “fed up with the liberal media on NPR?” Now, those who knew me back then may recall that I was rather… outspoken. Echoing Mike Pence, I’d declare loudly and often, that I was a “Christian, Conservative, Republican.” So, naturally, I had to find out what this NPR thing was all about. I found NPR on my radio. …

Matthew M. Owens

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